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Our Lives consist of these ten areas shown below.  We are created by God to live a fully prosperous lifestyle.  A lifestyle having all our needs wants and desires met.  If our lives were completely balanced in every area, our Wheel of Life would be full of colour and we would be living at a Level Ten in all aspects of our life.  We would be completely fulfilled and living a full and prosperous life.

The reality is that parts of our lives may be at a Level Ten, however, there are other areas of our life that need help to achieve greater balance.  When we apply ourselves to take a thorough look at each area of our lives and truly assess where we are at, that is when we can successfully begin to take steps of growth.

In this Wheel of Life Success Sheet, you will answer a series of questions for each area to determine for yourself the areas in your life that are strong and the areas where you still need to put some personal growth and development effort.

PS (“Post Script.” It comes from the Latin “postscriptum,” which means “written after.” )

May I please ask that instead of sharing the link with everyone you know, please provide my email and have them ask for a free copy and I will delightfully connect with those who want it.  I truly desire everyone to have the full benefit of this Wheel of Life Assessment. Send to:  inquiry@sandradalziel.ca


I am so glad you have registered for your Wellness Weekend.

As I mentioned on the registration page, I would provide you with your Wheel of Life Assessment.  You will find the link below for the download.

Please Feel free to print a couple of copies and in advance of the weekend, you’re welcome to have your significant other fill it out as well. I know for sure it’ll prove for some good and interesting discussion.

Go ahead, download your Wheel of Life Assessment

And  Pssssst

Don’t leave it sitting on your coffee table, stuffed in your purse or backpack.

Get yourself a notebook, a folder, or a binder to put your worksheets into so you know where they are.  Plan to bring them with you on your weekend.


Set aside some personal time to thoughtfully and honestly answer the questions.

You are worth taking some personal ME time.


This is NOT a test ok?  It is a personal self Assessment AND, you do not have to share your results with anyone.

So answer honestly …

Be transparent with yourself, OK.  It won’t do you any good to allow false beliefs to be present.


Trust your first response… it is usually the right one.  Please, don’t second or triple guess yourself.

Ok… go ahead, watch the video, and download the Assessment and complete it before the weekend.

BUT -If you are not going to do the Wheel of Life Assessment right now, then please block an uninterrupted day and time on your calendar. Schedule, plan and DO…. You will be glad you did.

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