Frequently Asked Questions – Online Courses

Each course/program varies.  The average number of modules for the courses is 8 to 12, with on to three lessons per module.   How long each program will take is entirely up to you and your availability to work through the lessons.

It is always advisable to proceed through the lessons in order, download the Success Sheets and actually do the self development discovery work.  By doing so you will glean the most out of the course.

Each course/program varies in duration of the term in which you have access.  Some of the courses are a lifetime access and for other courses the term of access was set at the time of purchase.  If you have any questions, please contact head office by email at info@sandradalziel.com and one of our staff will be pleased to assist you.

If for any reason you were not able to complete your course in the time allotted with with your purchase or you wish to re-do your course, we are please to assist you.  You may add another year to your access for a small one time fee.  Please contact our head office at info@sandradalziel.com or by phone at 416-841–2758 and our staff are will assist you.

Thank you for asking… I love hearing that question.  I am continually developing new courses and programs to help develop my clients.  We all deserve it, right?

I would love to send you new content and advise you of updates.  Please email us at inquire@sandradalziel.ca and we will get you hooked up.