Determine Your Destiny Courses

All of my courses, programs, coaching and events are more than simply
creating a vision board and writing out a few goals.

In each of the Determine Your Destiny courses, we work through a very strategic process.

Together, we will unlock your hidden dreams and passions.  Help you
to live the life you intended to live; a life of tremendous prosperity in every area.

Your marriage (relationships), your family, your career, your health.

Unlocking the inner passions and desires for your life will release in you an
energy to look at your future with greater hope than you have had in the past.

Once we work through the personal discovery process, you will better understand
the vision for your future. Then, through a very deliberate and constructive process,
we will look at the real you and find out what’s been holding you back from
accomplishing your lifestyle desires.

Design Your Own Life

Have you ever stopped to reflect how much of this process in your life
you have just let happen to you?

How many decisions were made by default rather than strategic purposeful
and careful planning.  So much of the impact has come from societal influence
and pressure combined with a need and a drive for some level of success.


As a Christian I have always relied on God’s Word to get me through every situation in my life.  But what Sandra added to that in the Discover Your Destiny -Vision and Goal Setting course gave me an understanding of the practical side of my life.

I had so much fun and met some wonderful women that I know will be long time friends.  We laughed, we cried, we shared, and we grew together.  I have come away with a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

I really did not have much focus and a great deal of uncertainty in the path for my life.  I also was dealing with a lot of insecurities.  Talking to friends and meditation was not working for me.  through the Discover your Destiny Course I was able to focus on me and what make me happy.

I gained a deeper appreciation for the things in my life.  Creating my vision board was fun and gave me a new excitement for my future.

Meet Sandra Dalziel

My real desire is to sincerely help others achieve their true passions and goals and live the life that they are destined by God to live.

I truly believe I am now living mine dream. It is an amazing feeling to wake up each day with joy, peace and an inner excitement like never before and know that it is God’s will for me.

During my 26 years in church ministry, both paid and volunteer, I discovered that working with people was a special joy and a privilege.

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