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Sandra Dalziel, Determine Your Destiny offers a wide range of courses, programs and workshops, both on-line and one-site.  Each product or service is individually priced and can range from CAD $197 for a Mini Master Class, $497 for On-site Workshops to $1997 for a full 6-week course.  Coaching sessions are $150/hour.  However, Sandra frequently is offering her products at promotional rates at significantly discounted pricing.  Contact the office for details.

The duration of the on-site courses are 6 weeks, 2 ½ hours per class (total 15 hours), the same great courses are available on-line, at a work-at-your-own-pace. The personal-development (Success Work) is in addition to classroom time. On-site Workshops are 5 hours in duration, allowing time for breaks.  Coaching sessions are offered in 1-hour time -slots, however multiple hour sessions are available.  Our Events are generally are 2 ½ day events and are comprised of large group sessions as well as break-out workshops.

All on-site courses and workshops vary in size, depending on the hosting facility.  Generally, they host between 35 to 100 individuals.

For your own personal growth and development, it is best to be present at all classes as it is a progressive course, each class building on the previous weeks class.  However, if for some reason that you are not able to attend one of the on-site classes in a given course, you may skip this class. Any materials issued during the missed class will be available to you at the ensuing class.  There are no discounts or refunds for a missed class.

Sandra Dalziel, Determine Your Destiny courses, workshops, and events require full payment prior to the start of any class.  If you have an issue where that is not possible, contact Sandra by phone or email and discuss the issue.  There is no guarantee, however Sandra will take the payment arrangements under consideration., 1-416-843-5495

Each Course, Mini Masterclass and Workshop has a singular and individual objective and focus, however the overall general them through all of Sandra’s teaching is to restore hope, build self-worth and self-esteem and help you to redirect your life for success. The Determine Your Destiny series of courses, which include: Discover, Plan, Live and Enjoy Your Destiny each build on the other to transform your life, create new habits and bring healing and wholeness to your mind. Check our Course/Workshop/Event descriptions on Sandra Dalziel’s websites at and

Each one of Sandra Dalziel’s Determine Your Destiny courses are set up as stand-alone courses.  However, to glean the greatest impact for your life, begin with the Discover Your Destiny course and then work through the Plan, Live and Enjoy Your Destiny courses.  If you want an overall sampling of what the courses are like, begin with the Design Your Own Life Mini Masterclass.  If you are able to join Sandra in one of her On-site Workshops – the Vision Board & Goal Setting workshop is a must.

Sandra Dalziel, Determine Your Destiny’s On-site Courses and Workshops are offered in various places throughout the General Toronto Area and beyond. These will be hosted in places from Oshawa to Kitchener & Cambridge, with the central focus being on the Halton Hills (Acton/Georgetown/Milton), Peel (Mississauga/Brampton).  The current plan is to host the 6-week Courses, 3 nights/week (Tuesdays, Thursday and Friday evenings from 7 pm to 9:30 pm.  Check out the website for days and registration.

Sandra Dalziel offers a free 20-minute introductory coaching session which is on-line via Skype.  You will need a Skype account in order to connect.  Alternatively, a phone call will also work to facilitate this process.  Coaching is booked as an appointment on Sandra’s website and Sandra will contact you at the time of your appointment.  Once you book your appointment on-line, you will be charged up-front for that appointment and you receive a confirmation and receipt of payment for the appointment.

Should the session go overtime, and Sandra is available, she will ask you if you wish to purchase an additional hour at that time, and your credit card will be charge before continuing with the Coaching Session.

Package pricing is available at the time of booking for a discounted price.

Cancelations and re-booking are according to the Terms & Conditions.

At present, the designation Sandra holds is as a License and Ordained Christian Minister, which she has been since 2001.  Her credentials are held with Faith Christian Fellowship, a ministerial organization, of churches and ministries across Canada.

Sandra has been working with individuals, children and families in varying capacities for over 25 years and has assisted many specifically in the direction of learning their personal value and worth and helping them to redirect their future to live a fulfilled lifestyle.

Registering is easy.  Simply go to and find the Courses page.  Follow the links to the Registration page.  Be sure to inquire about any current discounts that are available.

Sandra Dalziel, Determine Your Destiny receives payments through PayPal and takes most major credit cards.  For On-site Workshops and Courses, Sandra receives payments through Square.  A receipt is provided for all payments.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, first contact Sandra at and discuss the issue you have, and we will work together to see if there is a solution that will work for you.  Alternatively, Sandra does offer a discounted refund in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Sandra Dalziel, Determine Your Destiny, Terms & Conditions.

Sandra Dalziel, Determine Your Destiny does offer a discounted refund in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Sandra Dalziel, Determine Your Destiny, Terms & Conditions at  Any applicable refunds will be returned via the payment method they were received.

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