Design Your Own Life Masterclass

Have you ever stopped to reflect how much of this process in your life you have just let happen to you? How many decisions were made by default rather than strategic purposeful and careful planning. So much of the impact has come from societal influence and pressure combined with a need and a drive for some level of success.

In this masterclass workshop we will:

• Learn to dream again
• Discover your strengths & weakness
• Find out your frustrations & dislikes
• Understand your skills & talents
• Uncover your passion
• Create your vision
• Set your goals
• Learn how to implement your successful plan?

This masterclass includes a 25-page guide complete with Success Sheets to assist you through the process.  You will also receive a series emails with encouragement.

Design Your Own Life Masterclass contains more than 2 hours of power packed teaching and training to help you begin your journey to owning your own life success.

COST: $997

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Vision Board & Goal Setting Courses


COMING September 2021


COMING September 2021

Vision Board Creation Workshop

Taken from the Facebook Virtual Vision Board Creation Workshop, 5-Day Challenge, this course specifically takes you through the process of understanding vision boards and creating your very own.

However, this workshop is much more than step by step guide to practical vision board creation, in this 5-Day Challenge, we target some very strategic learning on how to do your vision board, God’s way.

Creating a vision board gives you a way to visualize your future. “If you see it, you can achieve it.”

Nothing is impossible when we begin to visualize our desired future. We complete this course with beginning to set in place a very workable plan to acquire our desired lifestyle.

Topics Include:

Day #1
Understanding God’s Divine Plan for your Life
Vision Board Creation introduction – Part 1

Day #2
Introduction to Vision Board Creation – Part 2
‘How to Hear the Voice of God-Part 1″

Day #3
Uncovering the Barriers to Success
‘How to Hear the Voice of God-Part 2″

Day #4
Passions, Skills & Talents Assessments
‘How to Hear the Voice of God-Part 2″

Day #5
Unpacking the true success behind Vision Board Creation.

Day #6

‘REAL SUCCESS SECRETS’ – Effective Goal Setting

Goal Setting Strategy – 12 Month Success Plan

Taken from the Facebook Virtual Goal Setting Masterclass, this 12-Month Success Plan will guide and encourage you through the processes of setting goals as well as insight into the challenges we face in maintaining the on-going commitment.

Topics Include:

Module #1

  • Why Set Goals?
  • Recognize the Importance and Purpose of Having Goals
  • Ask for Help

Module #2

  • How to Set Goals
  • Start with the Vision
  • Decide That Something Needs to Change
  • Identify Your Why
  • Understanding Smarter Goals
  • Identify Accomplishment Rewards

Module #3

  • Writing Goals, God’s Way
  • Believe, Visualize, Prayer

Module #4

  • How to Write Your Goals Effectively
  • Write Goals that Motivate You
  • Speak What You Want, Not What You Have

Module #5

  • Differentiating Acquisition Goals & Habit/Character Development Goals

Module #6

  • Identifying Obstacles & Objectives Clearly

Module #7

  • Identify the Why to Maintain Focus
  • Develop Self-discipline, commitment and Focus on Implementation
  • Everyday Steps to take

Module #8

  • Why Sharing Goals is Effective

Module #9

  • Identify Workable Timelines?

Module #10

  • Implementing Goals into Your Daily Plan
  • Taking and Maintaining Your Action Plan

Module #11

  • Track Your Progress
  • Indulge in Your Rewards
  • Re-Evaluate Your Goals

Module #12

  • The Real Secret to Attaining Goals

Determine Your Destiny Online Courses



Discover Your Destiny

This course specifically takes you through a very strategic process in which you clarify what your real-life passions, dreams and desires are and begin to set a plan to accomplish them. We work together to unlock what has been hidden and then I will show you how to release those passions and desires utilizing all your God-given skills and talents.

Creating a vision board gives you a way to visualize your future. “If you see it, you can achieve it.”

Nothing is impossible when we begin to visualize our desired future. We complete this course with beginning to set in place a very workable plan to acquire our desired lifestyle.

Topics Include:

1. Reflections/Regrets
2. Dreaming BIG
3. Skills/Talents/Passion Discovery
4. How to Create a Vision Board
5. Setting a Plan

In this class you will learn;

1. What truly is your real heart desires
2. Discover Hindrances and Roadblocks
3. Define your Purpose & Passion
4. Begin the Vision Board Creation process
5. You are destined for greatness

This course will set you up for the successful life you should be living, bringing you hope and helping you to dream and imagine again.

INCLUDES:  Three 1-hour personal coaching sessions ($450 Value)

Plan Your Destiny

Without a plan your vision is just a wish. Strategic action needs to be given to your desires so that you attain success.

We all have some form of self-sabotaging behaviour and until we analyze what that is and PLAN ways to overcome that behaviour, we will remain in the same pattern and stay stuck doing the same thing, the same way and obtaining the same results. In order to achieve greatness and get from where we are to where we want to be, we must create our roadmap to that designation.

In our course “Discover Your Destiny” we began a process of discovering our true passions, skills, talents and uncovered our real dreams. We learned that God desires us to have a vision and to have it written down “Write the vision and make it plain”. However, the second part of that scripture verse in Habakkuk 2:2 is “Write it on tables so that he may run that reads it.” In other words, we need to keep our eyes on the vision so that we can be successful with it. We first must, however, get the action steps written down.

1. Discovering who you really are; Your personality, love language, personal assets
2. SWAT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, attributes, threats
3. Uncover the paralyzers to your potential
4. How to set goals that really work
5. Continue the Vision Board Process

In this class you will learn;

1. How to be transparent with yourself
2. To redirect thoughts and become future focussed
3. How to overcome life hindrances
4. How to progress with God’s Plan for your life

When we have got our plan together then we want to begin to LIVE our destiny!

INCLUDES:  Three 1-hour personal coaching sessions ($450 Value)





Live Your Destiny

To truly LIVE our destiny we need some very specific tools that will continue our growth and success process. Knowledge is power. When we truly understand how we function as individuals, then we will understand the processes that we need to learn to be free to LIVE our dreams and our destiny.

God’s plan for your life is so big and so vast that no matter what the age you are at now, He wants to show you more. And walk with you as you fulfill those desires in your heart and become the life success you desire. When our thoughts become agreeable with His thoughts we see very clearly into our future destiny…and when we do fear diminishes, self confidence increases and we begin to truly soar in fulfillment in our lives.

Topics Include:

1. Change your Thinking-Change Your Outcome
2. Personal Learning styles
3. Brain- Retrain-Stop Killing Your Brain
4. Vision Board Process – keeping it alive
5. Confession is Goal achievement come alive

In this class you will learn;

1. How your thought life hinders your future
2. What time of learner you really are
3. Progressive, active steps to grow your brain
4. Faith declarations that bring the plan to pass
5. How to God deeper in God’s Plan

When we have successfully learned the mind changing processes and discovered more about ourselves we can then to really ENJOY our Destiny.

INCLUDES:  Three 1-hour personal coaching sessions ($450 Value)

Enjoy Your Destiny

Enjoying our Destiny is the pinnacle of the courses as this program takes us into the real depth of how to attain success. This course also helps us to stay tuned into the Vision and the Plan we have already created in the previous courses.

This fourth course in the Determine Your Destiny Series will take you on a refreshing review of all that you have learned so far and assist you in remaining focused and encourage. The real benefit to this course is the in-depth teaching and practical implementation tools and exercises to help you to build a strong union with God, to know His Voice and follow His ways at all time. This is what we have been created for and is where our divine fulfillment is found.

Topics Include:

1. Review of the Discover, Plan and Live Your Destiny Courses
2. Overcoming Challenges
3. Re-work the Plan
4. Keep the Vision in Focus
5. Walking in Union with God
6. How to hear and know the voice of God

In this class you will learn;

1. Be encouraged to keep going – you can do this
2. Assess the progress so far – where do you need to re-adjust?
3. Assess the next steps and Re-focus for the future – God is on your side
4. Intimacy with God will always get you through

The combined courses have a proven track record of helping many women attain great success in their lives. Marriages have been turned around, businesses have been birthed, relationships with children restored, debts paid, dream homes acquired.

Success belongs to you, you deserve to invest in yourself to live the life you were born to live.

INCLUDES:  Three 1-hour personal coaching sessions ($450 Value)



Determine Your Destiny Bundle

Take all 4 courses and SAVE

  • Discover Your Destiny
  • Plan Your Destiny
  • Live Your Destiny
  • Enjoy Your Destiny

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(*Includes 12 Hours of Personalized One on One Coaching – Value $1,800)

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